Welcome to the Serenity Mental Health Clinic website! Our mission is to serve the needs of a growing community in a professional and caring manner. Additionally, we intend to give back. We are enthusiastic about educating the public on mental health topics and will freely accommodate requests for guest speakers whenever scheduling allows. The caring and sensitive staff at Serenity Mental Health Clinic will make your visit especially comforting and rewarding. From the moment you enter the office, your experience will be notably positive and encouraging. We have embraced the age of electronic medical records, including off-site backup service for all information. Your electronic medical record is extremely secure and uses top of the line encryption so that others can never access your record. Once you are entered into our electronic database, if you have an email account, our system will automatically send email notification of your next appointment the day before your visit occurs. For those who do not wish to use email notification, simply tell the scheduler and she will remove you from the automatic notification list. Additionally, future plans will allow you to register online so you can book your own appointments without need for a phone call to the office. After all, you know your schedule better than we do.

Please feel free to visit the other links on this page. Much information is available and easily accessible. If you are a current or new patient you may register in order to access forms and other information not available to the general public.

Problem Assistance

We at Serenity Mental Health offer psychotherapy and behavioral interventions for adolescents, and adults to assist with academic, work, family, and other social situations that are problematic. Mental evaluations and related services for adults and adolescents are also available. Group therapy is also offered through closed groups of individuals who share common difficulties.

Additionally, a variety of evaluations are offered that can assist with gaining accommodations for students (10 years and above) who may have Learning Disabilities. This could include, but is not limited to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Reading Disorder, Math Disorder, or the potential that the person may have cognitive deficits. In addition, we offer pre-adoptive evaluations for prospective parents and for the adoptive child. Read more...